My First Blog!

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Blog #1

Hello my lovely sea drops!

(I guess that's my name for you. That or Geddes The Fans haha)

I've decided that my opinions and life experiences are much too important to keep to myself. I've also decided as you might have noticed that I'm excited to finally have an outlet to be ridiculously sarcastic and to express myself. For those of you who don't know me as well, I love self deprecating humor. I also love acting like I'm the most important person on this planet. All of that is a very sarcastic act, but I do it to humor myself. More on that later... like in another blog post.

Also I've decided to start sharing random voice memos I have on my phone because I love them too much to just leave them on there. So check out the recording at the bottom of this blog!

Onto the blog!

        For those of you who REALLY don't know me, (why are you reading this?) I am a musician/producer living in Nashville, TN. I moved here when I was 20 years old to follow my dreams of making a living off of music. Of course, making lots of money has never been my motivation, but it'd be nice to afford the groceries while doing what I love. That being said, after I moved here I realized that what I love doing really isn't a job occupation, but I intend on making it one. I've been heavily conflicted because I love all things music. I love producing, I love composing, I love songwriting, I love jamming, I love singing, I love performing, and I love teaching others about music. I came out here thinking I could do all of those things, and everyone here says I have to choose one. What a bummer. Choosing just one of those to pursue for the rest of my life is like choosing which child I love more. Although I can say I don't really care for Gob. If you got that reference, we can be really good friends. 

       I am slowly working on making it work, teaching, composing, arranging, doing all these odd jobs. And let me tell you: I'm much happier doing that, then I would be doing just one. Even if I don't make a whole lot of money right now. I'm working with a gent named Ben, and I've been doing some string arranging and producing for him. I sent him the first draft of what I did (I added a string orchestra to one of his songs). He responded saying he almost cried listening back to it. I FETCHING LOVE THAT. People say it all the time when I arrange strings for them. But I also love playing shows and having people sing along to my songs. I love getting in studios and helping a band hash out their sound. I love ending a cowrite session with someone after we've written a meaningful and powerful song about self image. 

       The other day I got a job offer for something that would be basically a 9-5. I almost took the job. Having steady pay sounded so nice! But I remembered how much I hated having a boss. And I remembered all of the projects that I'm working on now, including starting up a small music school teaching music theory to songwriters. And I thought about the album I'm planning on releasing, and the summer tour I plan on doing with my other band. And it was so terrifying but I told them no. Honestly I don't know how I'm going to make ends meet, but I have faith that it will all work out. Sometimes I feel like God is on my side, pushing me to do more with music by making it hard to find a job, and making the jobs I do find kind of crappy. So the only option I have is to push forward and really start making a living off of music. In summation, I'm stretched thin money-wise, but I'm so happy and inspired and hopeful. Here's to believing in myself 100%. And if you don't, you should believe in yourself too. Because opportunities to do what you love won't come if you're too afraid to look for them. And you won't actually give a full effort if you don't believe in yourself. So in the words of Nike and Shia LeBouf, JUST DO IT!

- Gavin Geddes

P.S. sorry if this was too long. I don't really know how long these are supposed to be.